Who We Are: We are Animal Lighthouse Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of satos through our no-kill shelter El Faro de los Animales and a team of volunteers in New York. Our mission is to better the quality of life for abandoned satos in Puerto Rico by educating the local communities, helping establish humane treatment options, and placing them in loving homes.


What is a Sato?

Sato is slang for stray dog in Puerto Rico.  They are small to medium sized island dogs that are highly intelligent, healthy and quick to bond with those who give them affection.  As with most mixed-breed dogs though, it’s difficult to describe the many different personalities and beautiful mixes that come from the combination of breeds on the island.  We encourage you to take a look for yourself!


Why Adopt a Sato?   

Satos are considered a problem throughout the island.  With estimates of some 200,000+ dogs living on the streets, the locals don’t have a lot of patience for these “pests” and at best ignore them. If a sato happens to end up in one of the local shelters they aren’t there for very long. ** sad fact warning** Puerto Rico’s euthanasia rates are around 95% (vs only 15% in NYC) and unfortunately because of the excess of dogs everywhere there are almost no adoptions.  Despite the conditions, the satos are remarkably happy and friendly dogs.  They grow up in a variety of circumstance living amongst other dogs, cats, and children making them very easy-going. 

Adopting a sato means, in the most basic way, saving its life. 


Interested in volunteering?

Our shelter, El Faro De Los Animales, is located on the eastern side of Puerto Rico.  Here in New York we have a network of volunteers that help care for the dogs once they arrive.  We often need help transporting dogs from the airport to their foster or forever homes.  You can email Ava@ALRcares.com if you'd like to sign up for airport pickups.  If you're interested in fostering, please fill out an application here.  As always, thanks for thinking of our pups!