Luka has become the Hamptons beach dog, just like his big brother, Iggy! He loves to run, play and explore the yards, parks and beaches on the East End. He’s making friends everywhere he goes (well, except for anything with wheels — we’re working on that). He snuggles up to sleep through the night right next to Iggy, and then up in the morning for the first walk of the day! I’m so glad he has become part of our pack. Thank you all so much!

We adopted Penny (formerly Iris) from ALR just over a year ago, and what an incredible year it has been! She settled in quickly and has blossomed in her new surroundings. She's a total goofball who loves belly rubs, sleeping on our couch, lying in the sunshine, meeting other dogs, and eating all the cheese she can get. She's so sweet and asks for (demands?) cuddles whenever possible. She's incredibly smart, too, and she picks up new tricks so quickly, we're running out of things to teach her! We love her so much, and we're grateful to Eric, Julie, and the rest of the team at ALR for bringing her into our lives. [photo credit: Orange Blossom Photography]

We are so grateful that you helped Nessa join our family and we believe she loves us as much as we love her. We go jogging twice a day and she also has great fun at the park with the other dogs during doggy hours. The girls love her. She was a very patient guest at a recent birthday slumber party, both dressing up and snuggling for movies. Nessa announced to us a while back that her Brooklyn name is Kazumi, which means "harmonious beauty" and lends itself to nicknames with the sound Zoom in it, which is great for such a fast, beautiful girl.

Emmy came to her forever home over a month ago now and is loving it! She’s a mixed terrier with a unique red-brown color, and about 8 months old now. When she’s not busy being cute, she loves saying “hi” to all the passing dogs on her daily walks. She’s very well behaved and a fast learner!

We adopted Molly from Animal lighthouse Rescue less than a month ago. I knew she was ours when she leapt into our truck for the ride home. She is a beautiful Chocolate Lab, about 2 years old. We know she was rescued off the streets of Puerto Rico but we believe she is actually a finely raised southern belle. She is infinitely polite and well mannered. We call her Molly Mae! She loves to lay in the sun. She has so much spunk yet so much cuddle inside her furry little soul. She loves bones and runs and trusts all humans and animals alike. She rolls over to show you her belly. "Talks" to her squeaky toys and has only barked twice since we have had her. She loves baths. She is a doll and comic relief for our family. My daughter adores her, and it seems so does everybody else she comes across. Molly is one giant heart walking around on 4 furry legs.

Momma Kai came to us with her 5 newborn pups, who could all fit in the palm of your hand. One by one we placed the family of 6, and after a year of them living in their respective homes, our friends at Camp Canine let us throw a family reunion. As you can see, the children have grown quite a bit, and they were so happy to see their mom again.

I’m Sofia, and I live in Nomad, which my new family tells me is the area north of Madison Square Park. I love the park! It has a great dog run, a ton of squirrels for me to chase, and sometimes when I’m really good my daddies buy me dog treats from Shake Shack (that’s right… I have two daddies… I’m an urban pup!). Every few weekends I get to travel with my daddies out to New Jersey. It’s so different from the city with its wide open spaces. I even saw a deer in the backyard last time I was there! Even though the weather is colder here than where I grew up in Puerto Rico, now that I’m a city dog with my amazing forever family I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Iago was always known to be a very special boy, and we are so happy his family (mom, dad, and two human brothers) has found him. When not hanging out around the house he has begun a singer career with his saxophone playing brother. See his Happy Tail video below for a live performance!

Zelda was found in an abandoned cave when an amazing couple on vacation saw her and knew she deserved the comfort of a warm home. She is now thriving with her canine brother and loves chasing squirrels and trying to climb trees.

In four short months, Gus has completely changed our lives. He is so special! We are so thankful for Animal Lighthouse Rescue for bringing him home to us. Gus has adapted to city life quickly and is extremely friendly and eager to meet every dog (and person) in our neighborhood. He loves coming to work every day and happily joins us on every adventure. At four pounds, he can be brought almost anywhere in his puppy sling!

Lacey arrived from Puerto Rico sniffing, licking and loving everything in sight – and she hasn’t stopped yet! I regularly get stopped on the street when I’m out with her – and she’s always more than happy to say hi, her fluffy tail bobbing away as she greets new people. She’s even learning to get along with her two kitty roommates (and they’re slowly warming up to her too). She loves getting other dogs to chase her around the dog park, and when we’re at home, is content to gnaw away at antlers, bully sticks, or any other new animal part that she can get her paws on.


Blanca arrived from Puerto Rico in early October. Julie at Animal Lighthouse Rescue brought her right from the plane to our home in Tribeca for foster care, but we knew so quickly that she was going to be a permanent family member. Blanca immediately fit into life in lower Manhattan with her two human siblings and new mom and dad. She loves cuddling at home, getting tummy rubs, playing with her chew toys, going for long walks, meeting new people, and being an all-around happy dog. She is such a cutie and often makes random people smile as she struts by with her tail wagging away and looks up at them with her big caramel eyes. Blanca is a gentle sweetheart, and we feel so lucky she joined our family.

We began fostering Meara just over a month ago, and within days knew she wouldn't be leaving us and found her forever home.  She is the sweetest dog to all people and dogs alike, and makes sure to say hi to everyone in the park or along her walks.  She is currently becoming our running buddy; but her favorite activities are cuddling or showing off all of her toys.  She's an absolute sweetheart, and we are so happy she found a home with us!

Finn settled in quickly to his forever home, and is loving life with his human big sister and two feline siblings. He loves to go for long walks in Liberty State Park checking out the New York City skyline.

Finn settled in quickly to his forever home, and is loving life with his human big sister and two feline siblings. He loves to go for long walks in Liberty State Park checking out the New York City skyline.

Bambu came to me three years ago all the way from Puerto Rico. The second I laid eyes on him I knew it was meant to be. He has done an immense amount of changing and growing since he first came to NYC, although, you would never know it if you met him now. He is sweet, gentle, polite and very well behaved, winning #1 dog at his Doggy Day Care. You can find Bambu strutting the sidewalks of Manhattan, attracting people left and right with his handsome features and friendly behavior. He frequently responds to “prince” as he truly is and has become my prince charming.

Cooper was our shelter ambassador before finding his forever home, greeting every visitor with a smile and a waggy tail. His little human sisters love him so much and he is truly part of the family now.

We are not surprised Carmela was an unplanned foster failure. The little "peanut"  quickly won the hearts of her foster parents and made herself right at home.  She's the life of the party at McCarren dog park and the unofficial mayor of Williamsburg-If you see her walking the promenade be sure to shake her paw!   Here she is living the life with her new family.

Lenny is a happy, goofy little pup who never met a chew toy he didn't like! He is adjusting very well to his new life of walks in the park, frequent napping, and of course, daily belly rubs. He struts through the neighborhood, making friends with every person he comes across. Everyone is a fan of his pretty eyes and happy demeanor, he is perfectly happy to be loved on every minute of the day!

Bumper was a newborn puppy when we first met him and from the beginning we knew he would be quite the looker. He loves playing with his older canine sister who may or may not always welcome his puppy antics :) . Bumper is now living the life in the Bay Area of California.

Sweet Penny Lane had no issue bonding with her new family, and is now right at home with her two feline siblings too. She loves cuddling up with her parents and will give you a big wet kiss so be careful!


Rosa is living a great life in Brooklyn, where her dad likes to rollerblade with her and her canine sister. As you can see she will gladly cuddle with her sister as well, and they are quite the duo in the dog run.

We are so thankful to have had Ozzie in our lives for the past 6 months. We had no idea that this little guy would bring so much joy to our daily lives, and we're pretty sure he's happy being with us too ;)  I'm not sure the snow is Ozzie's favorite thing, but he handled it like a champ and he definitely enjoys hanging out by the fireplace! We're really looking forward to our first summer with Ozzie and hopefully teaching him to swim in the lake. Thanks so much ALR, keep up the fantastic work!

Sweet Rose! After being found neglected and starving on the streets of Puerto Rico, her rescuer took her in and fostered her for 1.5 YEARS, without finding her a home. We stepped in and brought her to NYC where she was adopted by a very loving couple. It was love at first sight, and they enjoy snuggling every second they get.

I’m Luna! I am a bundle of love dressed in peanut butter cup colors, and there is nothing I love more than snuggling with my humans—unless it’s burying my face in their slippers and snuffling for minutes on end. I am the queen of the West Village and when I take my humans out for a walk, everyone recognizes me and rushes over to say hello. I love strolling the city streets, but I love it even more when I take my humans to the beach and let them splash in the ocean while I patrol the sand to keep them safe. My humans say they don’t know what they would do without me, and I’m pretty happy I adopted them too.

Name: Linus, Linus bo Binus, Linus the Lionheart

Age: 9 Months

Occupation: Apartment Security

Education: Currently learning to sit even when excited

Size: long and short

Likes: His blanket, licking faces, cuddling, dirty laundry, running really, REALLY fast, eating the rugs, watching TV shows

Dislikes: the printer, parts of the closet, wind-up toys, broccoli, Dat Bass, scary movies, fireworks

Important Notes: Linus finds learning his manners very tedious except for the whole treats part, but he really likes the part where he gets to play tug o' war with his sock toy.


From being lost amidst the streets of Puerto Rice to strutting around the streets of the Upper East Side in NYC, Tessa has come a long way towards becoming the quintessential New York girl! She enjoys her runs in Central Park, is easily frustrated by traffic and garbage trucks, tweets (@TessaTheTyrant) and instagrams her activities and splurges on overpriced treats for herself. Her sweet, even-tempered disposition wins the hearts of everyone she meets!

Zeppelin came to us as a young puppy, but after 2 years in the shelter he found his human counterpart. He enjoys going on long runs with his dad and hanging out around various establishments in Brooklyn.

Willa is such a pretty girl, but it's those eyes that are capturing hearts across NYC. She loves to cuddle with her toys after playing with them, showing what a lover she really is.


Brothers Lex and Lamar were bunking together since birth, so we only felt it appropriate to place them together. They are now living the life with a big yard and we could not be happier for them.

Penny stole our hearts the first time we met her, and everyone was determined to find her the best home. Fortunately, we think we succeeded! She is not only a great sister to her feline brother, but she is a certified therapy dog!

Jones is loving life now that he has his own comfy bed :-D

Lucy may have come from Puerto Rico but clearly loves snow!

Cooper having some backyard fun with the water hose

Sweet Molly feels right at home with her new forever family

Iago practicing his singing skills

Jamaya and her sister playing dress up