Wrigley is 11 months old and 25 lbs. He is the sweetest and goofiest boy around. 

Wrigley is very affectionate and sweet. He absolutely loves people, other dogs, and kids. He is playful and very goofy. Wrigley has been through training school and knows his commands such as "sit", "stay", "down", and "go to your bed". He is a very smart boy and learns very fast! 

Wrigley was found as a little puppy thrown out in a trash can. We rescued him and his siblings and got them healthy. Wrigley was then adopted by a family here in NYC that does not have time to care for him properly, and returned him. Although they returned him, the family raves about what a good dog he is. Poor Wrigley just wants a family to love. 

If you want a sweet, playful, and fun best friend, Wrigley is your boy. He will be the best family dog. 

For more information about Wrigley, please email Julie@ALRcares.com and fill our an application at www.ALRcares.com

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