Meet your new best friend Thiago! He is a 5 year old Collie Mix and weighs 33 pounds. Thiago will win over your heart right away! Upon meeting Thiago, he will greet you with a wagging tail, happy kisses and he's not afraid to climb right onto your lap for a little love fest! And of course, he loves a good belly rub. 

Thiago had a hard life in Puerto Rico and is very happy to be in New York. One of his hind paws was crushed, maybe a car accident, maybe someone stepping on him, we don't know. What we do know is that he healed on his own and his toes didn't heal well. But he will be ok! He has seen the best vets in the city and he has a fancy new brace so that he can walk on all four legs without any issues. He's doing fantastic on his new brace and the Vets say he will live a long and happy life. He will just be a cute dog with a cute little brace. It adds to his charm!

Even though he had a hard life in Puerto Rico, when Thiago arrived in NY, he hopped right in the front seat of the car to enjoy his ride into the big city. He is so good in the car! Thiago is friendly and loves all people. He also loves dogs, but he gets a little intimidated by large dogs. But, as soon as he knows the dog, he quickly becomes best friends. Thiago would be a perfect family dog, as he just loves any and all attention.

Thiago is up to date on his vaccinations and is neutered. For more information about him, please fill out an application at and email Don’t hesitate to meet the charismatic Thiago!

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