Rylee is 10 weeks old and 5 pounds. She is a pretty big-personality girl. She may act a little shy at first (especially when picked up) but after spending the night and receiving some breakfast, she will be all tail wags and nose kisses. She is very sweet and very silly. Her facial expressions are hilarious and her favorite toy at the moment is a carrot squeaky toy which she likes to carry around with her everywhere. She loves fetch, tug-of-war, toy chewing, and naps. She loves being near you when she takes her naps. 

She is well disciplined, meaning that she knows how to use a wee-wee pad and will probably adapt well to going outside, once properly trained. If you tell her 'No' when she is chewing on something that is not her toy, she will listen. She is very good at staying still for bath times, even though she doesn't really enjoy it. She will most likely do well with another dog, as she gets a little lonely when someone is not around, but otherwise, she is a wonderful, loving pup just waiting for the right furever home.

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