Remy is a 2 year old Poodle Mix and only 10 lbs. She's super portable! 

Remy is a happy-go-lucky little girl, who is unique because she is blind! But don’t let that fool you, she is a normal dog in every other way. She loves to snuggle, play, go for walks, and live life to the fullest. You can hardly tell she is blind, as she has mastered steps and gets around her foster home with ease. 
Remy was rescued from a neglectful home. The doctor suspects that Remy’s blindness was caused by head trauma. We cannot imagine what happened to this sweet little girl. Since Remy was rescued, she has seen vets and neurologists.  They have all confirmed that Remy is one healthy little girl otherwise.  

Remy loves absolutely everyone she meets. She is new to her foster home, but already sticks to her foster mom like glue, following her from room to room, even waiting for her to get out of the shower! So cute! Remy also absolutely LOVES children and wants to say hi to every kid on her walks. Remy does well with other dogs and loves to play. She is cautious meeting new dogs, but that's because she is blind. As soon as she knows them, she wants to play. At home, after playing with a toy or a dog friend, her absolute favorite things to do is snuggle. 

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