Poppy is a friendly 2.5 years old.  She is spayed, has all her shots and is living in a Foster home in NYC.  Her tail is almost always wagging and when she’s not trying to give you kisses, she’s presenting her tummy in the hopes of belly rubs. Poppy can be shy at first but once she learns that you are a friend then she can’t get enough of your attention and will ply you with kisses. She is a gentle yet bouncy girl with a sweet smile.

In April, our sister shelter in Puerto Rico, El Faro de los Animales, conducted a harrowing rescue mission.  They received a call from someone reporting a large number of dogs not being cared for.  Their neighbor had been housing over 100 dogs but passed away last year.  After her passing, neighbors tried to help the dogs until it became too much for them. By the time they called El Faro, it was too late for some of the dogs.  Luckily it was not too late for adorable Poppy.  She will be coming to NYC mid June and will be ready for adoption.

For more information on Poppy please fill out an application at www.ALRcare.com and email Julie@ALRcares.com.

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