Nana is one of the sweetest dogs we've ever met. 

Nana is 2 years old and 16 lbs.

Nana is the absolute best cuddler. She would snuggle all day, if you let her. She is calm, gentle, and extremely loving. She gets along with all people, dogs, and cats. The cats in her foster home tend to steal her food. She just sits and watch them eat her food, and looks at her foster mom confused. 

She is still getting used to the city and all the noises, but she does like walks and meeting all the new friends on the street. She will need a home that can help her build her confidence. With a loving parent and some chicken (she LOVES chicken), she will get over her fears in no- time. 

She is an easy dog and will sleep in, until her foster parents wake her up. She also LOVES belly rubs and falls right asleep with a few minutes of rubbing. 

She is just adorable. 

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