Little Chico is only 9 lbs and is fully grown! He is 2 years old and such a handsome little boy.

Chico is sweet, affectionate, loving, and an amazing companion. Although he does not show well, as he is shy with strangers, Chico is never aggressive, just timid. Once he gets to know you though, his personality shines. He is outgoing and very goofy.

Chico likes other dogs, especially females! He is totally a ladies man. He does not much care for dominant male dogs though. But who can blame him!

Also, since Chico can be timid, we would like him in a home without young children, as they scare him. He does love older kids (12+) though!

Chico will be an amazing companion and will bond very fast to you and your family. He will love you forever.

Chico is part of our outreach program, and is at ARF's shelter in the Hamptons. Go visit him there! For more information visit

 If you wouldd like help, feel free to contact us as well!

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