Blanquita is such a sweetheart! She is smart and she responds to any name her foster parents call her (they have about 10 cute nicknames for her). Blanquita is 25 lbs and 3 years old. 

Blanquita is exceptionally affectionate, always wagging, and lots of licks for everyone.  She is friendly and outgoing and would love to be the center of attention in her furever home! 

Blanquita loves to go on walks and explore, and she loves to play. Her favorite toys are the squishy round balls and nylabones, she can keep herself busy. She loves belly rubs and snuggles in the morning.  

Although Blanquita says "hi" nicely to kids on walks, younger kids scare her. Therefore, she is looking for a family with all adults and/or older children. She will be a great best friend as she LOVES her people. 

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