Ashley is a gentle and goofy girl. When you walk into the room, her tail wags a million miles an hour. She gets too happy to see you! Ashley is 3 years old, is a Brindle Labrador Retriever Mix and is about 40 pounds. She is smaller than she looks in pictures and so so adorable. If you want a dog that people will constantly "awwww" at, Ashely is your girl. She's just so cute!

Ashely was found with her friend Laura (also for adoption) abandoned and alone in the Walmart Parking lot. Her owner just left her there and drove away. We found them laying in the sun. When we came over, Ashely was curious, but timid. She slowly came over, took the treat gently out of our hand and asked for pets. Now that Ashley knows us, she is extremely goofy. She's on the calmer side, but still loves to play and absolutely loves getting attention.

Ashley is great with other dogs and all people. We haven’t cat tested her, but we bet she’s ok with cats as she is so so sweet.

Ashley is up to date on her vaccinations and has been spayed. For more information about Ashley, please fill out an application at or email

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