Marshall is a total mush! This sweetheart is a 2 years old, 50 lbs Lab Whippet mix

Marshall is the happiest boy around. He is always happy to see his people. He greets everyone with his goofy smile, lots of kisses, and wagging tail.

Marshall is smart too! As soon as he is told to go to his bed, he listens. He is a gentle boy and takes treats softly out of your hand.

Although Marshall is playful and fun, he is just as happy to curl up and sleep when he is inside. He may occasionally steal a shoe to sleep with, but he never chews it or damages it in any way. He just snuggles with it. Such a goofy boy!

Marshall is medium energy. He loves going for walks or  to romp around. He finds his favorite sticks and trots along happily bringing it on a walk. He makes doggie friends easily and loves to run and play with his new friend. He can outrun just about every dog he meets.

Also, be prepared to get lots of compliments. Marshall is quite handsome and has lots of admirers. People constantly stop us to comment on how stunning Marshall is.

Although Marshall is sweet and loving, he is an anxious boy. When he gets overly scared or overwhelmed he has snapped (strangers moving very fast or if he thinks his family is in danger).  Because of this, we are looking for a home for Marshall outside of the city, and no small children. Marshall is great with passing everyone on the street and he loves children, but given his anxiety at new things, we think he would do best living with adults who understand him and can make him feel safe and confident. 

At the end of the day, all he just wants are belly rubs. Marshall is super lovable and just wants to please.

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