Eva is the sweetest little girl. She is 2 years old and only 10 lbs. 

All Eva wants is to be your best friend. She likes nothing better than sitting next to you getting belly rubs or cuddling.  Eva is on the shyer side. She was just rescued from living on the beach in Puerto Rico, so she is a little uncertain of all the NYC noises. She doesn't really play with toys, but she loves to lounge around getting belly rubs. She likes to sit and watch everything that is happening around her and loves her walks in the park.  She's approaching dogs on the street to say hello and notes where everyone is around her. 

Eva just got her first dog bed this week and she LOVES it!  She's never seen anything so soft and comfortable.  And she absolutely loves people (once she knows that you aren't going to hurt her). Eva played well with her doggie friends at our sister organization El Faro in Puerto Rico.  Eva is submissive and extremely sweet. Not a mean bone in her little body.  She will need a person who understands it will take her some time to come out of her shell.  In the meantime, she will take all the snuggles and belly rubs in the world! 

Eva is spayed and up to date on her vaccines.  Eva would love to be your best friend. She will be the most loyal dog you've ever met.

For more information on Eva, please fill out an application at www.ALRcares.com and email Julie@ALRcares.com

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