Willy is 1.5 years old and 15 lbs. He's a cute shih tzu (which means he's a "hypo allergenic" breed). He is goofy, fun, happy, waggy, funny, adorable, sweet, andaffectionate. Just a really great personality. He loves all people, other dogs, and is great with kids.

Willy is currently being fostered on the upper west side of NYC.

Willy was found under a truck in a parking lot in Puerto Rico. He was in awful shape. Skin and bones, hairless, cuts all over him. And he had trauma to his eye. Despite his horrible condition , he was still wagging his tail and very friendly.

We didn't know if Willy would survive. We rushed him to the animal hospital where he spent a few weeks getting healthy and gaining his strength. He then came to our shelter for the rest of his recovery. He is now a healthy and happy little boy. The only reminder of his past life, is that he is blind in one eye. The eye is healed and causes him no pain. He has been deemed totally healthy by multiple vets. He is a spunky, happy, goofy boy, who is extremely sweet and loving.

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