Meet ALR's newest low rider! Macho is a 2 year old, 31 pound, Basset-hound Mix. Macho is calm, cool, and collected. He loves being offered treats and getting showered with attention. If you find the sweet spot to rub behind both ears he goes into the funniest meditative state where you can tell he is so happy for the gentle touch and human affection. Nothing makes this boy happier than a squeaky toy! Give him some toys to choose from and he will entertain himself for hours. Macho is great on his leash outside and loves to sniff around while he leisurely strolls. He is friendly and polite to every dog that passes by, not to mention his friendliness to every stranger he meets. Macho is also learning the ropes of potty training very well making him the whole package!

Macho has an old street injury from his days as a stray giving him a little limp. His vet says the limp will always be there, but he is a healthy and happy boy. Macho loves to play and go on long walks, he just won’t be running a marathon anytime soon!

Macho has been neutered and is up to date on his vaccinations. For more information about him please fill out an application at and email

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