Meet Callie - the absolute sweetest girl around. 

Callie loves absolutely everyone, all people, other dogs, cats, and kids. She's just a pure lovebug. Callie is on the calmer side, as her favorite thing to do is snuggle. She’s gentle and oh-so-sweet. She also loves to go for walks and is up for any adventure you want to go on. She’s such a loving and easy-going girl. A true gem of a dog. Callie is 2 years old, 39 pounds and would be a perfect dog for an NYC apartment or a home in the burbs. 

Callie was rescued on the beach in Puerto Rico. When she saw us, she came up to us wagging her tail and giving us kisses. As we tried to take her away from the beach, she wouldn’t budge. She guided us back to 4 little puppies she had hidden under a boat. We brought all of them to safety. While at our shelter, Callie was been an absolute favorite. She’s just so, so, so sweet, words cannot describe what a good dog she is. Now months later, Callie is in a foster home in NYC- waiting to meet her new family, who she can love forever. 

Callie is healthy, up to date on her shots and is waiting for her NYC vet appointment to be spayed. To learn  more about this super sweet and loving girl, fill out an application on our website and email

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