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BarkBox Freedom Ride video featuring ALR's Crystal!

Video from the Wall Street Journal feature article about ALR

Check out our friends at Camp Canine, located at 46 W 73rd St, NY, NY 10023. Camp Canine has been one of our most valuable partners in our ongoing rescue efforts, fostering many of our dogs and being great friends to ALR. Camp Canine offers an array of services and we are so happy to have them foster for us!

Check out our friends at Camp Canine, located at 46 W 73rd St, NY, NY 10023.

Camp Canine has been one of our most valuable partners in our ongoing rescue efforts, fostering many of our dogs and being great friends to ALR. Camp Canine offers an array of services and we are so happy to have them foster for us!

CBS New York: September 2016

"Lilly, a 15 pound miniature pinscher mix, was left alone in the woods by her owner with nothing but an old T-shirt, 1010 WINS’ Roger Stern reported. “She didn’t go for help or anything,” Julie Sinaw with Animal Lighthouse Rescue told Stern. “She just stayed there on the T-shirt, wouldn’t move, waiting for her owner to come back."


Buzzfeed: August 2016

"we decided to have Seth Rogen stop by to answer everything you've always wanted to know, from a bunch of hella cute puppies dressed in hot dog costumes. It was truly beautiful."


Fort Greene Focus: August 2016

"At only 16 pounds, they are small dogs and make the perfect team. We honestly think they are easier together than apart. They entertain and keep each other company when they are left alone, but they absolutely love being with their owner."


The Spirit: June 2016

"About four years ago, Julie Sinaw was inspired to start ALR after seeing "stacks and stacks" of dogs at Puerto Rico's only no-kill shelter paired with the knowledge that some 200,000 strays known as satos (slang for "stray" in Puerto Rico) roam free."


amNew York: June 2016

"Many of these dogs are found sick or injured on the side of the road in Puerto Rico. After they're taken to El Faro De Los Animales, the only no-kill shelter in Puerto Rico, owned by Animal Lighthouse Rescue, they're nursed back to health and brought to New York City to find good homes. To date, the nonprofit has rescued about 2,000 dogs."


The Wall Street Journal: March 2016

"Mr. Brownstein, a lifelong animal lover, adopted three satos in 2010 from Julie Sinaw, the model turned dog rescuer. She introduced him to El Faro de Los Animales, a no-kill sanctuary on the island. Ms. Sinaw eventually became president of the group, whose name translates to Animal Lighthouse Rescue, and operates through donations, adoption fees and Mr. Brownstein’s own spending."


Dogster: February 2016

"Designer Anthony Rubio wants to be clear: The dogs who escorted human models down the runway during his New York Fashion Week show were not mere accessories.
“In my world, the humans are the accessories,” says Rubio, who presented his canine couture and women’s wear Fall/Winter 2016 collection on Feb. 14 at Gotham Hall."


Newsday: February 2016

"Forty dogs plucked from the streets of Puerto Rico were greeted with a blast of frigid air and the first blankets some had ever touched as they landed at a Westhampton Beach airport Saturday morning."


The Independant: February 2016

"A second mission in November brought 58 dogs north to forever homes. Last Saturday's effort rescued another 97 dogs and cats, saving double that number of lives by creating space for Faro to take in more animals from the closing kill shelter. McEntee predicted that 10 days from now, the phone will ring and another overcrowding crisis will loom; there are simply that many animals."


Barkpost: November 2015

"Our team goes into schools to try to educate the younger students, elementary and middle school-aged kids. We also have local brownie troops come into the shelter to meet some of the dogs.”


The Dodo: October 2015

"Not only did Frito get a bed and toys of his very own, but his story also has a sweet happy ending. "After we nursed Frito back to health — getting tons of kisses from him along the way — an amazing couple in Brooklyn adopted him," Sinaw said. 'They are so in love with him.' "


Bark Post: Daily Good October 2015

"All those involved with Animal Lighthouse, which is a volunteer based organization, are passionate about saving the satos that roam uncared for on the streets of Puerto Rico. Conservative numbers place 250,000 satos in the U.S. territory. Higher estimates number in the millions."


DNA info: Adopt-A-Pet September 2015

"Sinaw said Gracie is "a total sweetheart," great with other dogs and people, including children, and "is on the calmer side." She loves going on walks but afterward is keen to snuggle up for a nap."


Radio Pet Lady Network: Dog Talk August 2015

"Tania Isenstein left her executive career to become Top Dog of Camp Canine ( at 73rd and Columbus in NYC and has made it a very successful boarding and dog daycare — where she always saves two spots to foster rescued stray “Satos dogs” from Puerto Rico through Animal Lighthouse Rescue ("


Bark Post: Pecs n Pets July 2015

"...twelve strapping gentlemen who have adopted animals [including ALR's own Ryan and Penny]"


Huffington Post: Community Pioneer July 2015

"Animal rescue looks good on model Ryan Schira and [ALR] foster doggie Penny Lane."


Foster Dogs NYC: Become a Foster Parent! July 2015

"We are so grateful for everyone who had a part in taking care of Winnie along the way. She has clearly been loved and treated with great kindness. I’ve never known a shelter dog to be so responsive or sweet and this is clearly a testament to the love she has received from her previous caregivers."


DNA Info: Adopt-A-Pet July 2015

"When a rescuer from the New York City-based Animal Lighthouse Rescue, Julie Sinaw, came to meet him, she sat down on the ground so Benji wouldn't be scared. And he wasn't, Sinaw said. In fact, he bounded right into her lap and started licking her face."


DNA Info New York: Adopt-A-Pet June 2015

“Winnie was found on the streets of Puerto Rico, emaciated and scared," Julie Sinaw from Animal Lighthouse says. "It looked like she hadn’t eaten in weeks. She was hiding in a corner of a parking lot. When we went to go see her, she wagged her tail and gave us kisses. She was the sweetest. We nursed her back to health and now she is healthy and ready to be adopted.”


Into the Gloss April 2015

"You have a dog, you take care of it, and then you see the dog go off to a happy home. The family is happy, the dog is happy, and it’s just a really amazing moment. I was really taken by it, so I fostered another dog and another one—I've fostered about 12 at this point." Of the Minute December 2014

"Each pup leaves us with so many memories, I could go on for hours with stories about each one-they’re like characters straight out of a book! I think the strongest memory I carry with me now though is that of the actual shelter in Puerto Rico, where each of those characters came from. It’s the “mother” of the dogs and finally seeing where they all came from explains so much about why they are the way they are. It’s a place that’s impossible to forget."